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MyTrulios designed and optimized for small businesses. Innovative software technology at an affordable cost.

Take your business to the next level and move forward

Industry Fields


Build in solutions for your needs

A wide range of innovative features will make your life easier and will help you out optimize your bussines with a press of a button.

Core feature: Digital Forms

Digitize Technician forms, Sales forms or whatever fits your needs directly from the field, and get custom reports.

Integrated Support Ticketing System

Rest assured, that customers requests will be replyied

Intuitive Timelines

Track employees, projects and customers activity with a simple mouse-scroll

Time Attendance Everywhere

With no additional hardware you can have time attendance at office and field employees as well

Integrated Rating System

Build in Rating System directly from the customers, no additional surveys needed

One Click Reports

Now you can monitor Projects, Customers, Employees and get performance reports on a simple mouse - click

Dynamic Forms

Create and set up your own forms, for technicians, cleaners, salesman or whatever match your business needs

Dynamic Reports

Create your own reports and monitor what matters to you and your business most

Dynamic Push Notifications

Want to contact directly a spesific employee or only a group of them like salesmen? Type your message select audience and click send

Share Timelines with Customers

End customers can also monitor their projects activity. Give them business transparency

Cross Platform

No matter what operating systems, what mobiles and what tablets you use, Trulios is compatible

Customized to your Business

Set your own company thresholds and get alarms and notifications that are important to your business

No Worries

Auto backup, easy to use, safe, secured and on the cloud. No worries at all

Need a functionality that is not build in?

Dont worry we are here to help. Contact us directly and we will guide you threw the next steps. Depending on the request additional charges may occure

Location Services

Monitor projects
like never before

Project Monitoring
Intuitive Timelines
Cost Analysis
Integrated Rating
Project Transparency
Customized to your needs

Digital Forms

Document business Activity
and get critical reports

Sales forms
Technician forms
Reports and Statistics
Organized per Project
Organized per Employee
Customized to your needs
Integrated rating system
Integrated customer Survey

Intuitive Activity Monitor Timelines

Per employee, per project and per customer.
Learn what happens inside your bussines whith a simple mouse-scroll

Used on the easy way social networks work? Thats why, we give you something familiar to work with.Dynamic activity timelines that tell you what happened and when it happened by using natural language. Like your personal assistance
Industry leading innovation, the use of natural language text whithin activity monitor timelines
"John Smith was at project Line Industries for 5 hours. Upon start working on the project his location was correct.Upon stop working on the project his location was not correct"

Easy to navigate

Just scroll up and down, and in a couple of minutes you will learn everything you need

Mobile Friendly

Always on the go? Don't worry we have you covered. Trulios is mobile friendly and with a few clicks you can have what you want

Clever Notifications

Set your own thresholds and get notifications that matters to your company whithin Timelines

Rating System

Without Additional Effort

One click reports
Company Rating
Per Employee Rating
Per Customer Rating
Per Project Rating
Customized to your needs

Digitalize your Documents

No additional work needed. Do things you already do, only this time do them differently

We know its a headache to manage papers and handwritten forms submitted on the field by Technichians, Cleaners, Supervisors, Salesman, or whatever.

By using just their Smartphone, your employees can fill any kind of forms like Sales Report, Technical Reports, Project Reports or whatever fits your business best.

Digital Forms

Will help you work more efficent and extract important statistics with a press of a button

Google Location Services

Track Physical presence realtime and monitor on a map. Your business looks more transparent than ever

Instant Push Notifications

Is there a price change in a product, inform all sales team with just a press of a button

Digital Signature

Now your customers can sign on digital forms for services offered them and keep records for every single activity.

Powerful Reports

Understand your business
like never before

One click reports
Per Employee
Per Customer
Per Project
Project Cost Analysis
Customized to your needs

Need a Customization?

We have you covered

Contact us directly by clicking here and give us a short description of your requirements. In a few days we will get back to you to guide you threw next steps.

Trusted by the most innovative Technical and Facility Services Companies in Greece.
Digital transformation is an easy task.

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