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Time Attendance with Terminals

Powered by Raspberry PI 3

Forget custom made terminals that no one knows whats inside.
The new industry leading product Raspberry PI 3 with Trulios at your Services.

Elegant White

A simple yet elegant design in two colors. White and Dark
"Forget custom and unknown terminals that lack support, reliability and continuity. The industry leading and proven Raspberry PI 3 at your services."

Elegant Dark

Different look, the same powerful features

Quick Overview of Trulios Terminalis whith Raspberry PI 3

Trulios Terminals

Linux Based powered by PHP
  • Unlimited Terminals Network
  • Unlimited Readers Network
  • Unlimited Users
  • Build In Ethernet / WiFi / Bluetooth
  • Build In HDMI for Customizations

From the field..

..directly to..

your Office

Forget old fashioned Time Attendance Systems

State of the art technology directly in your hands
"No more hardware limitations no more limitations."